11 Cute Sticker Packs You Won't Be Able to Resist

November 8, 2023

Welcome to the world of cute stickers! 

If you’re looking for cute stickers to decorate your digital planner, bullet journal, or notes, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this blog post, we've handpicked 11 irresistibly cute stickers that will instantly brighten your day. From charming animals to digital sticky notes, these downloadable stickers are perfect for adding a touch of joy to your digital notes. 

We’ve included free downloads that can be used anywhere, as well as items from the Goodnotes Marketplace that are perfect to use in your favorite note-taking app. 

Free Downloadable Cute Stickers

Our best tip for finding free cute stickers is actually to look on YouTube. Many digital creators will share the stickers they’ve created for free. Pinterest is another place where you may find free stickers to download, but you have to be a bit more careful to make sure the person who shared them is authorized to share them for free.

The trade-off with free stickers is that they often require a little extra effort to use. Typically, these stickers are not pre-cropped, meaning you’ll have to invest some time to crop each sticker from the main image. 

1. Mershmelli Stickers

Creator: Mershmelli
Where to Download: Link in video description

Mershmelli is a digital creator that shares a lot of digital planning tutorials and vlogs. Along with her videos, she gives freebies so that people can follow along. 

You can find free downloadables of cute stickers and templates in multiple videos! Check out her channel here

2. Bunny Oasis Stickers

Creator: Winnie Choi
Where to Download:
Goodnotes Marketplace

Check out the cutest, most random sticker pack of bunnies doing the darndest things! 

These Bunny Oasis Stickers were drawn by a Hong Kong illustrator, Winnie Choi, and were launched in the Goodnotes Marketplace to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit early 2023.  

In addition to bunnies hosting meetings, hiking, and traveling, you’ll also find digital stationery items like memos and sticky tabs – perfect to add a bit of flavor to any habit tracker or daily planner.

3. Ziua Stationery Stickers

Creator: Ziua
Where to Download: Link in video description

Explore Ziua's delightful range of free stickers, featuring charming watercolor designs of flowers and clouds, and many cute digital stationery stickers, like sticky notes, tabs and memo notes. 

On top of sharing free stickers, Ziua also shares free downloadable aesthetic layouts, paper templates, and backgrounds to use together. 

4. Memos & More Stickers

Creator: Goodnotes Original
Where to Download: Goodnotes Marketplace 

Digital stationery items, digitized! The Memos & More collection features your favorite stationery items – sticky notes, tabs, memos, lists, and calendars – turned into the cutest digital stickers.  

These were the special edition stickers released alongside Goodnotes 6, and are free to download for any paid user.

Bonus 🌟

We did a quick search on Freepik, a stock image site, and found thousands of cute stickers packs you can download for free. Just make sure that if you’re using them commercially you attribute each artist! 

Premium Downloadable Cute Stickers

You can find thousands of unique cute stickers on marketplaces like Etsy or the Goodnotes in-app Marketplace. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Strawberry Bunny Frame Stickers

Price: 1.99 usd
Creator: Studio Salfoot
Where to Download: Goodnotes Marketplace 

2. Frog Digital Stickers

Price: 5.98 USD
Creator: ZakkaDigital
Where to Download: Etsy

Image from ZakkaDigital

This collection of cute stickers features a cartoonish frog enjoying life's moments. These stickers showcase the frog hula hooping, savoring boba drinks, and even tackling everyday chores like laundry. Whether you're customizing digital planners or adding some more personality to your notes, these frog stickers will never fail to enchant you.

3. Puppy Loves Avocados

Price: 1.99 USD
Creator: Grimoktapbang
Where to Download: Goodnotes Marketplace

Love puppies? Love avocados? You’ll definitely adore this cute sticker pack.

Nothing short of irresistible, this sticker pack features a puppy who has befriended an avocado. Stick one of these cuddly stickers wherever you need a pick me up, whether in your study notes or digital planner. They won’t fail to bring a smile to your face and a lot of joy to your notes.

4. Slouchy Cat Stickers

Price: 1.99 USD
Creator: Priscilla Pong
Where to Download: Goodnotes Marketplace

Meet your new fluffy companions. They are cuddly, mischievous and always sleepy. You might find them sneaking into your notes and planners once in a while, and giving you a little serotonin boost. And that's your cue to take a break…

5. Let’s Go on a Trip!

Price: 1.99 USD
Where to Download: Goodnotes Marketplace

Dreaming of your next vacation? 

This sticker pack captures the spirit of exploration and adventure, featuring maps, adorable luggage, a retro polaroid camera, a whimsical road trip car, and an array of other cute stickers. Whether you're creating a scrapbook of your trip, creating a travel plan, or adding a touch of wanderlust to any of your notes, let your creativity soar as you embark on a virtual journey in your notes!

6. Emoji Stickers

Price: 1.99 USD
Creator: Creator: is_studio
Where to Download: Goodnotes Marketplace

You’ve never seen these emojis before! 

If you want to add a bit of a mood to your daily planners or notes, stick one of these emoji stickers on them. Available in pretty much all colors of the rainbow, you can find the right expression for any emotion you want to express.

7. Essential Planner Decoration Package

Price: 1.99 USD
: Butter Factory
Where to Download: Goodnotes Marketplace

Looking for a starter sticker pack for your digital planner? 

You’ll find a mixture of cute stickers, like toast, rubber ducks, and adorable teddies, along with digital stationery stickers, like memos, lists, and washi tape. 

This sticker pack offers the perfect assortment of sticker types to get you started. 

Life is better with digital stickers

Hope you found some cute digital stickers to download! 

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