Get Goodnotes at scale

One annual payment to unlock as many devices as you need.

Goodnotes for Business



per device, billed annually

Get Goodnotes at Scale

One annual payment to unlock as many devices as you need, and add additional users as your team grows.

Stay in Control

Integrates seamlessly with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for better user management & permission control.

Unlimited Note-Taking

Write without limits, create and import unlimited folders and notes. Get full access to all paid features and tools.

Flexible Payment Options

Purchase Goodnotes directly via credit, debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer, for simplified accounting.
Get Goodnotes for Business
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Why business teams love Goodnotes

Share & Collaborate

Collaborate with your team on shared documents for more efficiency and seamless workflows.

Scan & Mark up PDFs

Scan or import paperwork, PDFs, and other documents to annotate them easily.

Productivity powered by AI

Save time with Word Complete and Spellcheck in your own handwriting. Search & find handwriting, typed text, PDF text and more.


Some Goodnotes features aren’t relevant for my business. Can I customize what features are available?

Yes! On the Enterprise tier, you can create disable features like iCloud Sync, the in-app Marketplace and others, so that they won’t be accessible on your team’s Goodnotes. Please contact us to chat about the enterprise solutions.

What’s the benefit of getting Goodnotes for Business over downloading it directly from the App Store?

Goodnotes for Business is for businesses that have more stringent requirements for their team’s techstack.

Downloading Goodnotes directly from the App Store will be personal purchase associated with the device Apple ID, instead of to your business. It also can’t be connected to Apple Business Manager.

Do you provide Intune Protection Policy (SDK) support?

While the Goodnotes for Institutions app can be used with Microsoft Intune, we don’t offer support for Intune App Protection Policies at the moment.

Can I upgrade or downgrade between business tiers?

You have the option to upgrade tiers during your subscription year. The difference between the base tier and the upgraded tier will be pro-rated.

Can I pay for the subscription by bank transfer?

Yes! You will be able to pay via bank transfer. Just email and the team will be able to assist you with it.

Can I deploy Goodnotes for Business without using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution?

Currently, Goodnotes for Business requires an MDM solution for deployment as we require the App Config feature to support the deployment of our license keys. We recommend using MDM providers like JAMF Pro for seamless deployment and management of Goodnotes for Business within your organization.

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