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Looking for more Goodnotes stickers? Here's a sneak peek of some of the digital stickers you can find in the Goodnotes Shop. Download and access them directly in Goodnotes

StudyTogether - Motivational Stickers Sales

Use these stickers to give a little pizazz and mojo to your notes when the going gets tough, and bring back the good vibes.
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Pam the STEM Champ

Need a pep talk? A study reminder? Someone to tell you “Great idea!”?These STEM stickers will do the job.
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Slouchy Cat Stickers

Sloucy Cats are cuddly, mischievous and always sleepy. You might find them sneaking into your notes and planners once in a while. And that’s your cue to take a break…
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Valentines Stickers

Bring your digital planner to life with our Valentine-themed February 2023 digital stickers and PNGs. With your order, you will receive a multitude of options to personalize and track your February 2023 and Valentine's Day plans.
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Bunnie & Carrotie's Adventures Sales

These digital stickers feature the lovable characters Bunnie & Carrotie engaged in all sorts of fun activities, from writing and exercising to daydreaming and enjoying good food.
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Doodleduck Stickers

Doodleduck stickers are powerful (and cute) female ducks owning the world.
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How do you add stickers to Goodnotes?

If you download digital stickers from the Goodnotes shop, they will directly be added to the Elements tool and are ready to use. If you download them from elsewhere, you can import them:

  1. Tap to open the Elements tool
  2. Tap Add Photos to add one or more photos from Photos, or "Import from..." to add an external file from Files. Supported formats include .jpg and .png.

See more information here.

How do you create digital stickers for Goodnotes?

You can draw anything in Goodnotes and save it directly as a stickers with the Elements Tool.

Elements can be anything created with GoodNotes tools, namely handwriting, shapes, images, text boxes, and any combination of those. All elements are organised into 'Collections', in much the same way as Folders in the app organise your notes and notebooks. This helps ensure that your elements are easy to find and categorised for quick access.

Where can I get more Goodnotes stickers?

Besides online stores like Etsy, you can easily find more digital stickers in Goodnotes directly. Tap the shopping bag icon in the top right corner in Library view to go to the in-app shop! New stickers are added every month.

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