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Introducing Goodnotes 6: AI Note-Taking, AI Math Assistance, Dynamic Templates & more

August 9, 2023

Think you know note-taking? Think again. 

Introducing notes reimagined: meet Goodnotes 6.

Already bought GoodNotes 5? Your notes are SAFE and you won’t have to pay to continue using GoodNotes 5. If you want to upgrade to Goodnotes 6, you can do so within the same app, and your notes will be transferred automatically. 

Goodnotes 6: Your notes just got way smarter

Goodnotes 6 is the next generation of digital note-taking. It’s the note-taking app you know and love, with a fresh new look and a new suite of features. 

AI-powered writing aids to help you write with confidence 

Goodnotes can learn and generate text in your handwriting. Here’s the start: 

  • Spellcheck. Write typo free, and get words automatically corrected in your handwriting. 
  • Word Complete. Forget how to spell a word? Goodnotes 6 can give you prompts. This is like an early version of autocomplete. Our goal is to make it responsive enough to finish your sentences, and help you save time taking notes. 

For typed text, Goodnotes allows you to shorten, expand, summarize, and even change the tone of your writing.

For our initial launch, Spellcheck is available in English, Spanish, German, and Dutch, and Word Complete is available in English.

🔊 From your feedback: we’re excited to confirm that we will be adding AI features to more languages in the coming months. 

New learning tools to help you ace your exams 

  • Interactive Exam Practice. Find practice materials for public exams like SATs and practice straight in Goodnotes. Today, you can already find SAT and DSE math prep courses (more to come soon!).
  • AI Math Assistance. As you write in Goodnotes’s math prep courses, Goodnotes 6 can catch a wrong equation. If you’ve ever found yourself studying alone and having no one there to ask when you’re stuck on a question, we made this feature for you.  In the future, we want to make Goodnotes smart enough to be an AI Tutor in more STEM subjects and beyond.

Intuitive pen gestures to write without breaking your flow

  • Scribble to Erase. Made a mistake? You don’t have to reach for the eraser. Just scribble it out using the pen and continue writing. 
  • Circle to Lasso. Select anything simply by drawing a circle around it with your pen.
  • Math conversion. Now, Goodnotes also recognizes math equations. That means in addition to converting handwriting to text, you’ll also be able to convert equations. 

🔊 From your feedback: We will also be adding Math Conversion to GoodNotes 5 as well. (Shout out to the GoodNotes user volunteers that helped us perfect this Math Conversion technology!) 

More templates, more customization

  • Customize the size and color of your templates. Want to create a square notebook? Wish you could have lined paper with blue lines? You can customize and create exactly the paper you want in Goodnotes 6. 
  • Multi-colored folders. If you want to be able to organize based on color, you can now change the colors of your folders. You can even add an icon or emoji to the folder color to personalize it further. 
  • In-app marketplace. Explore and snap up new stationery like digital stickers, planners, paper templates and more from the in-app marketplace. You’ll even find study notes. (Subscribers get access to exclusive content and discounts!)

Highly requested features coming soon to Goodnotes 6

In addition to introducing AI-assisted note-taking, we're happy to share that some of the most highly requested features are on their way.

🔊 From your feedback:

  • Password protected notebooks
  • Dotted lines (live!) 
  • A pencil tool
  • Internal links between pages (live!)

... just to name a few!

Why we created Goodnotes 6

Goodnotes was started way back in 2011 when the iPad first came out. 

For thousands of years, humans have been noting things down to record, manipulate information, and be creative. We don’t think that’s going anywhere any time soon. 

Humans have used everything from cave walls, rocks, papyrus, parchment, paper, and now screens to take notes. 

We’re on a mission to create the best digital paper, to create the best note-taking experience, and ultimately to facilitate and enhance the way people share ideas and knowledge.

With the artificial intelligence boom that’s taking the world by a storm, we saw a huge opportunity to take a step and pioneer AI for handwriting. 

Goodnotes’ AI features are the only ones that can learn your handwriting, and replace words in your unique handwritten font. 

What’s more, AI handwriting features like Spellcheck and Word Complete are built on our proprietary machine learning models. They’re run entirely on device and the data is not sent anywhere so no one - including Goodnotes - can access it. 

We’ve increased the discount for GoodNotes 5 users to upgrade 

🔊 From your feedback: If you bought GoodNotes 5 before, we have increased the discounts for one-time purchase, bringing them to a similar level as the subscription discounts. The discounts will be available until further notice.

Discounts on subscriptions:

  • 100% off your first-year subscription for those who bought GoodNotes 5 from July 1 to Aug 8, 2023
  • 50% off your first-year subscription for those who bought GoodNotes 5 from Jan 1 to June 30, 2023 (first half of this year)
  • 25% off your first-year subscription for those who bought GoodNotes 5 anytime before 2023

Discounts for one-time purchase:

  • 33.3% off for those who bought GoodNotes 5 from July 1 to Aug 8, 2023
  • 26.6% off for those who bought GoodNotes 5 from Jan 1 to June 30, 2023
  • 20% off for those who bought GoodNotes 5 anytime before 2023

You will see these discounts already reflected on your upgrade page in Goodnotes.

Learn more here!

What if you’d already purchased Goodnotes before the new one-time purchase discounts? No worries: we’ll help you refund and get your discount! Details here.

This serves as a huge thank you from the Goodnotes team to our user community. We couldn’t have done this without you and will continue to strive to create the best product for you.

Everything you need to know about upgrading to Goodnotes 6 

How to upgrade from GoodNotes 5

Firstly, your notes are SAFE! If you’ve purchased GoodNotes you can continue to use GoodNotes 5. 

If you’re already using GoodNotes 5 and want to upgrade to Goodnotes 6 here’s what to do:

  1. Update your app and make sure you’re on the latest version
  2. Open Goodnotes, go to your library view and tap the new (6) icon on the top right 
  3. Tap “Try Goodnotes 6 for free”
  4. Create a Goodnotes account
  5. Start for free, or subscribe directly 
  6. Wait for the app to restart

Your notebooks will automatically be migrated and available in Goodnotes 6.

Important details to keep in mind: 

  • We will still be pushing bug fixes and performance improvements to GoodNotes 5, and will maintain it until at least iOS 17 and 18. So, while the newest features will go to Goodnotes 6, GoodNotes 5 users who don’t upgrade can rest assured you’ll continue to have the delightful experience you’re used to.
  • If you have more than 3 notebooks in GoodNotes 5, and you choose the free plan in Goodnotes 6, you won’t be able to edit or add more than 3 notebooks. You will still be able to view them. 
  • If you’re using the free version of GoodNotes 5, you can continue using the free version until September 9th. After that, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the free tier of Goodnotes 6.

How much does Goodnotes 6 cost? 

Goodnotes 6 is free to download and try for up to 3 notebooks. 

If you want the full experience, you can subscribe for Goodnotes 6 $9.99 USD a year (which comes to only $0.83 a month!), or get it for $29.99 USD as a one-time purchase. 

Or in other words, a Goodnotes subscription is the cost of:

  • Two lattes
  • Half a Moleskine notebook 
  • One month of Spotify Premium

And this is what you get: 

  • Unlimited digital notebooks that are searchable and synced to the cloud
  • Unlimited audio recordings that sync to your notes
  • AI features that allow you to paraphrase, shorten/lengthen, and change the tone of your typed text
  • New stationery every month (or so) is included in your subscription. There is a section on the Marketplace for Subscriber Specials, which is content exclusive for subscribers. For example, you could get a new pack of stickers, a planner, or bundle of paper templates each month

But you may be wondering – why subscription? 

The short answer: greater things are coming. 

With the initial launch of Goodnotes 6, you’re getting AI features for handwriting, as well as AI-powered math assistance, and AI typing tools.  

But that’s just the beginning.  

We’re building new tools that are going to make your learning, note-taking, and planning a lot more efficient, enjoyable, and almost magical. These technologies do cost money, but we’ve still chosen to price ourselves at the lower range when compared to other AI productivity tools.  

You can expect bigger and greater things from us going forward. 

What happens to your notes if you stop your subscription? 

Your notes are safe! You won’t lose access to your notes and you can continue to open and view your notes. However, you won’t be able to edit more than 3 notebooks. 

Try Goodnotes 6 today

Exciting things are still to come, and you won’t want to miss it. 

Try Goodnotes 6 today and be a part of the next big step in AI, productivity, and note-taking. 

Upgrade in app if you already use GoodNotes 5, or download here if you’re ready to join millions of people worldwide using Goodnotes. 

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