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The easiest way to turn your notes into flashcards

Drag and drop, import, type, or handwrite to create exactly the study set you need.

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Turn your notes into study sets right in GoodNotes, so you don’t have to switch apps to practice or review. Anything you need is only a search away.

The best time to study, scientifically calculated

With an advanced spaced repetition algorithm, Study Sets optimize which flashcards you see and when, based on your performance. It also calculates the most optimal time to review.

Science-backed learning techniques at your finger tips

Active recall

What is Active Recall
When you’re testing yourself, you have to search your brain to produce an answer. This process of trying to remember is called active recall, and activating that cognitive stress has been shown to increase long-term memory.

GoodNotes allows you to create freeform flashcards with images, handwriting, or typed text, so you can practice active recall for anything and everything.
What is Active Recall
What is Spaced Repetition

Spaced repetition

What is Spaced Repetition
Our brains remember information better when we space out our revision. This way, each time you revise, you’ve taken a break from the material (thus forgetting some of it) and need to actively recall it back again.

Study Sets predict when you’ll forget something and tells you when and what to review, to maximize how much you absorb.

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Can I migrate flashcards from other apps?

Yes! You can convert your existing flashcards into Study Sets:

  • Import existing flashcards from other apps (like Anki or Quizlet) straight into Study Sets. Please refer to this how-to guide here.
  • Convert GoodNotes flashcards directly. Open your flashcards, tap the 3 dots in the menu, and select "Convert Flashcards to Study Sets" 
  • Import new Study Sets from the following file formats: TXT, .CSV, or .TSV.

How do I create a Study Set with GoodNotes?

Simply tap the "Add (+)" button in the Documents Tab, and then select "Study Set". (You can alternatively import existing flashcards as Study Sets too.)

To type in the "Question" card, simply tap anywhere in the top card. Similarly, to add or edit the "Answer" card, scroll to the bottom of the page, and tap anywhere in the bottom card.

See the full guide on getting started with Study Sets here.

What’s the difference between Study Sets and the experimental flashcards feature?

Study Sets are a new and improved version of the early flashcards paper template. More research has gone into creating this feature, and we will continue to iterate and add new functionality to Study Sets. The flashcard template, however, will still be available for you to use! See here for a guide.

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