11 Must-Have Digital Sticker Packs (& How to Use Them)

June 12, 2023

Stickers are not just for paper anymore! Are you taking digital notes and looking for ways to spruce up your digital planner or bullet journal? Or perhaps you just want to add a bit of joy to your lecture notes? 

Whatever the reason, digital stickers have got your back! 

Read on for an overview of how to use digital stickers, where to find them, and discover 11 of our favorite digital sticker packs to download and use right away!

Top FREE Digital Sticker Picks

Not sure where to start? 

Here are a couple FREE digital sticker picks from us to you.

Tip to use: To download these stickers, click into the video and check the description for a download link.

Ziua Planner

Sticker Type: Functional and Decorative

Click into the video to find the link to the free stickers!

Ziua Planner shares free stickers ranging from washi tape, backgrounds to insert in your calendar blocks, and cute sticky notes in her videos.

Ziua Design also has a store on Etsy, where you can find a wider range of paper templates (like student planners, habit trackers and finance planners too).

The Dash Planner

Sticker Type: Functional

The Dash Planner regularly releases free digital sticker pages. You can download beautifully designed seasonal stickers, functional sticky notes, and templates to use from the freebie vault.

If you are a Goodnotes user, these stickers already come in a .goodnotes file so you can easily import them straight into Goodnotes and add them as Elements.

Access the freebie vault by signing up to their newsletter here.


Sticker Type: Decorative and Functional

Click into the video to find the link to the free stickers!

Elli is another YouTuber who shares “Plan with Me” content and regularly creates free digital stickers that’ll turn any page of your notebook into something you can’t take your eyes off of. She also sometimes shares simple planners and templates with her videos, which you can import and use in your note-taking app.

Onetenth Time

Sticker Type: Decorative and Functional

Click into the video to find the link to the free stickers!

Onetenth Time also shares the digital stickers she creates in her YouTube videos, to help you get a little inspired on how you can decorate your digital journal. She links to different sticker packs in each video.

KDigital Studio

Sticker Type: Functional 

If you’re looking for something more neat and simple, you can take a look at the free elements collection from KDigital Studio. They’re perfect to supplement any notes that you might have if you want to add an additional sticky note or call out.

You can get them by signing up to her newsletter from her website.


Sticker Type: Functional 

Click into the video to find the link to the free stickers!

Hanri shares new digital stickers every month, including florals, sticky notes, and cute blobs you can write over. Check out how she uses them in her videos and get inspired for your own digital journals.

Top 5 Digital Stickers for Goodnotes

If you’re using Goodnotes for digital planning or digital note-taking, you’ll also be able to buy and download stickers directly from the Goodnotes Marketplace. 

Here are the 5 top-selling digital sticker sets in Goodnotes!

Sticky Notes Sticker Set by 216Plyner

Sticker Type: Functional 

Price: 1.99   
Number of Stickers:
Download Link

Modeling after the beloved real-life sticky notes, this digital planner sticker set offers a range of vibrant and customizable digital sticky notes. With different shapes, sizes, and colors, you can jot down reminders, to-do lists, and important notes directly on your digital pages. These sticky notes provide a visually appealing way to organize your thoughts and keep track of essential information.

Basic Planner Sticker Package by Cloverdrawing

Sticker Type: Functional and Decorative 

Price: 1.99  
Number of stickers:
Download Link

Perfect for digital planners, this sticker package covers all the essentials. It includes a variety of icons, labels, and flags to mark appointments, events, and deadlines. From colorful arrows to cute icons representing different activities, this sticker set adds both functionality and visual appeal to your digital planner, ensuring a smooth and visually pleasing planning experience.

Memo Sticker Set by WeBudding’s “sosomarket”

Sticker Type: Decorative

Price: 1.99  
Number of Stickers:
Download Link

Add a touch of elegance to your digital notes with this sophisticated memo sticker set. Featuring beautifully designed digital memo papers, this set allows you to capture important information in a stylish and eye-catching manner. Whether you’re taking meeting notes or jotting down ideas, these memo stickers bring an element of professionalism to your digital workspace.

Exam Period Stickers by MYKKUKKU

Sticker Type: Decorative

Price: 1.99 
Number of Stickers:
Download Link

Designed with students in mind, these exam period stickers are a game-changer for staying organized during those intense study sessions. With stickers representing deadlines, revision tasks, and motivational quotes, you can visually track your progress and create a structured study plan. These stickers serve as a motivating reminder of your goals and help you stay focused during the hectic exam period.

Earth Day Stickers by Adaptable Planning

Primary Sticker Type: Decorative

Price: 1.99 
Number of Stickers:
Download Link

For those who appreciate environmental awareness, Earth Day stickers offer a beautiful way to celebrate and honor our planet. Featuring eco-friendly symbols, trees, recycling icons, and inspiring quotes, these stickers not only promote sustainability but also add a refreshing touch of nature to your digital notes. Use them to highlight important environmental events or to express your commitment to a greener lifestyle.

Magic Shapes (Magic Elements) by Widescreen Education

Primary Sticker Type: Functional

Price: 2.99
Number of Stickers: 42
Download Link

Magic Elements are a collection of stickers by Widescreen Education that you can manipulate in Goodnotes! 

What makes them "magical"? Essentially, you can change the color of any of these stickers right within Goodnotes. That means getting one sticker pack of 14 shapes gives you 14 shapes in all colors.

Besides shapes, you can also find Magic Months, Magic Banners, and more functional sticker packs on Widescreen Education's Etsy shop.

Most of these are functional stickers - aka. they're practical to use. What's more, they were designed exclusively for Goodnotes! 


Different Types of Digital Stickers

There are two main types of digital stickers that you'll find:

Decorative digital stickers focus on aesthetics and self-expression. With an array of vibrant colors, expressive illustrations, and captivating designs, they bring personality and liveliness to your notes. 

Some examples of this include headings, calligraphy, emojis, washi tape, fun borders and more! 

Functional digital stickers are designed with practicality in mind. These stickers include elements that mimic real paper items that you would typically write on top of. 

Some examples of this include to-do lists, sticky notes, diagrams, charts, tables and more! 

Where To Get Digital Stickers

There are various creators and digital planning enthusiasts that regularly share free and premium digital stickers on different online platforms. Here are a couple to check out!

1. Etsy

The online marketplace known for its handmade and unique items offers a variety of digital stickers packs created by talented artists. You can find a wide range of themes and styles to suit your preferences 

2. YouTube 

YouTube is another surprising source for digital stickers, with many creators offering free downloads or sharing tutorials on how to create your own. 

Try searching for videos about digital planning and you'll find many include free downloads.

3. The Goodnotes Marketplace

If you’re using Goodnotes, you can also get more digital stickers in the in-app Marketplace. The shop includes a range of both functional and decorative stickers for you to choose from to best achieve your studying or journaling goals.

If you download and buy from the in-app Marketplace, the stickers will automatically appear in the Elements tool, ready for you to use!

Tip: If you're on the paid version of Goodnotes 6, you'll be eligible for Subscriber Specials, which include digital stickers that you can download at no extra cost.

How to use digital stickers in Goodnotes

If you are using Goodnotes, there is a handy built in tool that makes using digital stickers even easier! The Elements Tool on Goodnotes, which allows you to save and reinsert images, handwriting and basically anything all across your notes, makes it a perfect tool to manage your stickers. 

Here’s how to use your stickers with the Elements Tool

When you download digital stickers they’ll typically come in one of the following formats:

1. If your stickers are individually saved as PDF or PNGs…

You can bulk import them from your camera roll or directly from the Files app (which connects to Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud). Simply create a new digital sticker collection from the Elements picker and then tap “Add Photos” or “Import from…”

2. If your stickers are laid out as one page in a JPEG or PNG…

Add the image into a blank notebook with the Image Tool. Then, using the Image Tool, crop the specific digital sticker you want. Then tap again with the Image Tool to add it as an Element, so you can access it at any time!

3. If your stickers are in .goodnotes format…

Import the .goodnotes file into a new notebook. Then, using the Lasso Tool or Image Tool, add each sticker as an Element.

Now that your digital stickers are stored in the Elements Tool, you can access them at any time in any of your notes from the Elements picker in the toolbar!

How to Make Your Own Digital Stickers

There are two simple ways that you can create and design your very own stickers! 

If you’ve got an eye for design, procreate is a great option to express your creativity and design a sticker just the way you want. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create digital stickers:

1. Draw up your sticker on a drawing app like Procreate

2. Once complete, export your file as a PNG image, the image should then be saved in your photos 

3. In your note-taking app, upload your PNG file onto your desired document and it will now be ready to use. It is that simple! 

If you are using Goodnotes and are looking to create your own quick and simple design, the Elements Tool makes achieving this easier than ever.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create stickers in Goodnotes. 

1. Create your desired drawing, equation, diagram, chart etc

2. Select the lasso tool in the tool bar at the top of the page

3. Circle your sticker design with the lasso tool 

4. Select the add element button and add the sticker to your desired collection  

5. The sticker is now added into your element toolbar and you can now transfer the sticker to different documents whenever you want!

Remember to share your creations with us by using the hashtag #goodnotes and tagging us @goodnotesapp on Twitter and on Instagram.

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