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Now available for 8-inch or larger Samsung tablets with at least 3GB of memory.

$6.99 per year, with a 1-week free trial.

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💡 Exclusive deal for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 & Galaxy Tab S9 FE series

Goodnotes will be pre-loaded onto every Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 and S9 FE tablets and free to use for 1 year!
The display of Goodnotes for Android with the note of dandelions

Introducing your new favorite note-taking app for Android

Coming soon: sync your notes across all platforms

Experience the freedom of handwriting

An example of using Goodnotes

Write equations, mind maps, and diagrams on a blank canvas. Edit your ink after you’ve noted it down.

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Multiple GoodNotes Templates

50+ notes templates to inspire every use case

Multiple GoodNotes Templates

From blank paper to graph paper, dotted paper, Cornell notes, and more. Just start writing.

Easily collaborate on any device

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Share a link to your notes to invite others to view, edit, and comment.

The UI of Goodnotes for Adnroid with the note of DNA

Try it out and tell us what you think.

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Upcoming features

Mid 2024

Offline Support

  • Create Notebook & QuickNote
  • Import PDFs or images in Documents
  • Rename, move, and trash notebooks
  • Open and annotate any preloaded document
  • Add, remove, or delete pages
  • Change page templates
  • Import PDFs within a notebook

Sync with iOS

Trash bin

Late 2024

Search within documents

Full-page typing

Notes reimagined

Enjoy a 7-day free trial. Then, you can choose to subscribe for just $6.99.

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Can I sync the Goodnotes documents from my iPad to the Android app?

Not yet, but it’s coming soon!

In the mean time, here’s a way to share notebooks from Goodnotes 5 to Windows Android, or Web:

  1. Make sure “Use iCloud" is enabled in in Goodnotes 5 on iOS/iPadOS/macOS.
  2. Open a document that you want to share in Goodnotes 5 on iOS/iPadOS/macOS.
  3. Tap the Share icon in the navigation bar > Enable Share Link to Collaborate.
  4. Tap on Sharing Settings and make sure "Open Document on Web" is enabled (available in the full version only).
  5. Tap Send Link to share it.

See this help article for more information.

Can I sync my Android notes to Windows?

Yes! Your account for Goodnotes for Android and Windows will be the same. So, if you also have a Windows device, sign into your Goodnotes account and you’ll be able to access the same notes.

Which Android devices are compatible to use Goodnotes for Android?

All Samsung tablets with at least 3GB can use Goodnotes for Android. More compatability will be available soon!

Are Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web and Goodnotes 6 on iPad the same app?

Goodnotes for Android, Windows, and Web does not offer the full range of features in Goodnotes 6 on iPad, but our team is committed to bring more useful features to improve the product and you can find the upcoming features above.

What happens to my Goodnotes access on my Samsung device if I don't renew my membership?

If you choose not to renew your Goodnotes membership, you'll still be able to use Goodnotes as a free user on your device. You can create and edit up to three notebooks. You will not be able to share your documents. You'll be able to import documents up to 5MB and lose the access to regular free items from the Marketplace. Note that any documents you export will also have a watermark.

Can I change my plan when I renew?

Absolutely! At renewal time, you can either stick with All Platforms Yearly plan or switch to Android, Windows, & Web Yearly plan. If you are also using Goodnotes on iOS devices, we recommend renewing your current All Platforms Yearly plan.

Can I keep using Goodnotes after my membership expires?

Yes, you can! Your notes will remain safe, and you'll still be able to open and review your previous documents. However, as a free user, you'll be limited to creating and editing up to three notebooks, won't be able to share your documents, can only import documents smaller than 5MB, and any exports will have a watermark.

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