Industry-first digital paper powered by AI

Explore possibilities you never knew existed.

Combine handwritten and typed text on one page

Equations, diagrams, lists, write them all on the same page.

Edit and annotate PDFs with ease

Highlight and mark up PDFs like lecture slides, or sign PDFs with ease.


Flexibility to write without constraints

Manipulate any item on the page until it’s exactly as you want it.

Shape Tool
Lasso Tool
Available on iOS only

Experience the impact of AI-powered digital paper

Paper that knows the words on the tip of your tongue

Save time with Word Complete in your own handwriting

Say goodbye to pesky typos

Spellcheck and Word Complete have your back, in both typed and handwritten text

Find the page you’re looking for in seconds

Search and find handwriting, typed text, PDF text and more

Available on iOS only

Master any topic

Prep and practice with AI-guided study sessions

Study with interactive SAT exam prep material alongside an AI Math Assistance to keep you on track

Capture audio alongside your notes

Record audio clips synced with your typed or handwritten notes, so you never miss a thing


What are the main differences between GoodNotes 5 vs Goodnotes 6?

Goodnotes 6 integrates the newest technology to push the boundaries of what you’ve always imagined note-taking to be. In addition to AI-powered note-taking features, it includes highly requested features like the ability to change the colors of folders and customize templates. Think of Goodnotes 6 as a new generation of Goodnotes.

GoodNotes 5 will still be available to use as usual if you purchased it, but in the future, the newest updates and features will be pushed to Goodnotes 6.

Are AI features available everywhere?

At the moment, AI typing features aren’t available in the following regions:

  • Afghanistan
  • Belarus
  • China
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Russia
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela

Word Complete and Spellcheck are also currently only available in some languages. Please see here for a full list.

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