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The world’s best note-taking app is coming to Windows in 2023.

Get early access to the beta and help shape the future of GoodNotes for Windows.
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GoodNotes is coming to Windows

Who should sign-up?

  • Existing Microsoft Users
  • Students and teachers
  • You’re an early adopter and are forward with feedback

Compatible devices

  • Windows devices
  • Optimized for Microsoft Surface
  • Any device with internet connection can view notes created in GoodNotes for Windows

GoodNotes for Windows is Now in Beta

Introducing your new favorite note-taking app for Windows
Windows Surface Pro X
GoodNotes for Windows
Microsoft Windows Logo
GoodNotes for Windows  BETA
Introducing the beta of our top ranked note-taking app for Windows! It captures the foundational functionality of GoodNotes, with more features to come.
GoodNotes 5 for iOS
Apple Logo
GoodNotes 5 for iOS
Launched in 2011, GoodNotes has consistently stayed as one of the top ranked apps on the iPad App store, and sports an Editor’s Choice badge. Loved by millions of users all around the world.
Invite-only beta
Publicly available on the app store
Surface, Windows computers
iPad, Mac, iPhone
Use Cases
  • Handwriting digital notes on your Windows device
  • Import and annotate PDFs, like digital planners, lecture slides, or eBooks
  • Handwriting, typing, or importing digital notes on your iPad
  • Search your handwriting to find exactly the notes you need
  • A digital library that replaces all your physical notebooks
Free for beta users during the beta period
Free to download, with an option to unlock the full app as a one-time in-app purchase

Experience the freedom of handwriting

An example of GoodNotes
Write equations, mind maps, and diagrams on a blank canvas. Edit your ink after you’ve noted it down.
An example of GoodNotes
Multiple GoodNotes Templates

50+ notes templates to inspire every use case

Multiple GoodNotes Templates
From blank paper to graph paper, dotted paper, Cornell notes, and more. Just start writing.

Free to use during the beta period

Screen of GoodNotes library
For a limited time only, while GoodNotes for Windows is still in its Beta, you can use it for free! Help us improve.
Screen of GoodNotes library

Try it out and tell us what you think.

Join the beta waitlist
Stroke options on GoodNotes App

How to become an early adopter for GoodNotes for Windows

Before we launch GoodNotes on Windows publicly, we’re opening an invite-only beta. Here’s how you can join:


Sign up to join the waiting list using your Microsoft email.
For the first phase, priority will be given to students and teachers in the USA.


Receive an invite via email when a spot opens up.


Try it out and give feedback!
We want to build the best note-taking app for Windows, and need your input. Tell us what works, what doesn’t, and what you’d want to see in GoodNotes.
Sign up for the beta today to try GoodNotes for Windows for free.
Join the beta waitlist


Can I sync my iPad notes with my Windows computer?

Not yet! The beta version of GoodNotes on Windows is a separate note-taking app. For now, it doesn’t currently sync with GoodNotes 5 for iOS and Mac.

However, in order to view your iPad notes, you can generate a share link to your notebook to access them from your browser. Here’s a quick guide.

What is the difference between GoodNotes 5 for iOS and Mac vs. GoodNotes for Windows Beta?

The GoodNotes on Windows beta is still a separate app from GoodNotes 5. Here are the key differences you can expect from the GoodNotes on Windows Beta:

  1. It’s temporarily free to use while we’re building the Beta
  2. It includes basic note-taking features:
    • Write, highlight, and erase notes
    • Move and resize your writing with the Lasso tool
    • Large library of paper templates to get you started, including planners, to-dos, squared paper, dotted paper, and more
  3. Advanced features such as shape recognition, handwriting recognition, and the Elements tool aren’t available yet.
  4. It’s an online-first experience, meaning you’ll need an internet connection for the optimal experience, and will need to sign in to your account.
  5. It won’t be as polished an experience, so you might expect to report a few bugs here and there.

When will GoodNotes be available on Windows?

The first version of GoodNotes for Windows will be available in 2023. However, you can already sign up to use the beta experience for free.

Is there a limit to how many notebooks I can create?

While in beta, the limit is 20 notebooks.

Is GoodNotes for Windows a subscription?

Nope. While testing the beta, you can try GoodNotes on Windows completely for free. In exchange, we only ask for your feedback to help us improve.

Who is eligible to try the GoodNotes for Windows beta?

Existing Microsoft users, or anyone with a Microsoft account, as you’ll need to use a Microsoft email to sign into GoodNotes on Windows. Additionally, we will be prioritizing student and teacher sign-ups for our first few rounds of beta invites!

Where can I give suggestions for GoodNotes for Windows?

We have a feedback forum specifically for GoodNotes for Windows! During the beta period we will be monitoring your requests. You can also see which suggestions we are considering. Feel free to leave your feedback here.

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