8 Creative Habit Tracker Templates to Help You Hit Your Goals

October 18, 2023

Looking for a habit tracker template? 

If you’ve got some goals to hit or habits to build this year, a habit tracker can be a fun way to keep yourself on track. 

To help you get started, we've rounded up some of our favorite habit tracker templates to share, including:

  1. Examples of common templates you can recreate 
  2. Downloadable habit trackers that are ready to use in your favorite note-taking app like Goodnotes 

But first, what’s a habit tracker?

Habit trackers are simple tools designed to help you build and maintain positive habits. They provide a visual representation of your progress, allowing you to track and monitor your daily routines, behaviors, and goals. Habit trackers can be digital apps, printable or downloadable templates, or bullet journal layouts.

Habit Tracker Template Inspiration

Prefer to DIY your own habit tracker? 

Here are some basic templates you can copy or take inspiration from in your own notebook, bullet journal, or note-taking app. 

1. The classic calendar habit tracker template

For each month, you can create a “habit tracking” page in your bullet journal or planner.

Simply draw mini calendars for each goal you want to track. Then highlight or mark each day that you accomplish that goal.

2. The table or chart habit tracker template

This template is perfect if you have many habits you want to track together on one page. It's easy to create and can fit many habits side-by-side.

We recommend using grid or graph paper for this. Simply create a table with your days of the month and habits on the two axes. Fill in the square to track your progress. We used digital stickers in the above example, but you can also just color in the square. 

3. The circle habit tracker template

Circle-style habit trackers are definitely more aesthetic than practical, but after you complete a month, the completed wheel feels like a badge of honor in your notebook. 

To create this, draw at least 3 layers of circles to create rows for your habits. Then draw grid lines until you have 30 or 31 squares in each row. Number the outside to identify the date, and you’re done! 

If you’re using a note-taking app like Goodnotes, you can use the Shape tool to draw perfect shapes – otherwise, we recommend using a protractor.

Downloadable Habit Tracker Templates 

Don’t feel like drawing your own template? You can find several ready-made habit tracker templates to download and use directly. 

We included both Goodnotes-specific templates and templates you can import into any note-taking app (or print)! 

1. 12-Months Goal Book 

Creator: Younglog
: Free on Goodnotes 6 
Where to download:
Goodnotes Marketplace 

This habit tracker is perfect for you if you’re looking for a ready-made notebook to help you reach your goals.

This book tracks up to 5 goals every month for an entire year, and is packaged like a standalone notebook. For every month, you have 5 separate pages to track goals individually.

Like a digital planner, it has internal links that will guide you to each month for each goal. 

2. Everyday Habit Tracker

Creator: PlanistAtelier
: 2.74 USD
Where to download:

Image from PlanistAtelier

This is a simple habit tracker to print or use on your favorite note-taking app. 

This template allows you to track up to 19 habits every month for the whole year. As it’s quite straightforward, it allows for a lot of flexibility in how you want to use it or what types of goals you want to track.

3. 100-Day Mindful Eating Tracker

Creator: Mind Blank
: 7.99 USD
Where to download:
Goodnotes Marketplace 

If your goal is to improve your eating habits, this could be the template for you. 

This one is a bit more than just a habit tracker “template”. It’s like a full habit tracking diary, specifically geared towards healthy eating.

On top of marking the days you follow your healthy eating goals, this diary helps you produce healthier mindful eating habits by zooming in on each day and giving you space and prompts to reflect. 

4. 100-Day Self-Care Habit Tracking Journal

Creator: Mind Blank
: 7.99 USD
Where to download:
Goodnotes Marketplace 

If you’re trying to build a habit and mindset of self-care, this could be a helpful template to look into.

This is a self-care habit tracker journal that not only gives you a birds-eye view of how you’re doing across 100 days, but also allows you to zoom into each individual day. It’ll guide you through 100 days of reflecting on how each day went, how you felt, and what activities you did to care for your own wellness.

5. Circle Habit Tracker Template

Creator: EnjulyPlanner
: 2.45 USD
Where to download:

Image from EnjulyPlanner

Here’s a ready-made habit tracker template for the circle style we showed earlier. Because this template can be tricky to recreate yourself, it could be helpful to directly purchase the template instead.

This template is a blank slate and without any specific theme – so you can completely customize it to what you want.

Stay motivated with a habit tracker

Whether you're focusing on fitness, productivity, self-care, or personal development, these habit tracker templates can help keep you on track in a creative way.

Take charge of your goals and get habit tracking! 

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