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New! Comments: Start Distraction-Free Conversations on Shared Documents

February 10, 2022

GoodNotes now supports Comments in your digital notes!

Collaborate on shared notes while keeping them organized and clutter-free. Simply use your finger to long-press on the page and press the new Add Comment button.

Bonus: In your own notes, you now have a distraction-free way to add contextual notes to or extra reminders as well in a comment that can be expanded or hidden.

Add a comment to start a new conversation, leave feedback, or brainstorm new ideas

Comments allow you to leave feedback and comments on a shared document while preserving the context of your feedback. Start discussions or add more context to your work with a term definition or links to additional study material.

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Creating a new comment in a document

Comments include the person’s name and the time and date of the comment, ensuring both the person giving and receiving feedback know:

  • Who made a comment
  • When they made the comment
  • Which part of the document they’re commenting on

Tip: Move comments around on your document by long-pressing on the comment bubble and dragging it to your desired location. Alternatively, use the Lasso tool to select your comment and move it around.

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Keep track of all your discussions

Tap a comment bubble and click Resolve. This removes the comment and keeps your notes tidy.

You can refer to or retrieve resolved comments on the page by going to Settings and toggling on Show Resolved Comments.

Annotate your PDFs without covering up text

When you’re reading textbooks, papers, or articles in GoodNotes, sometimes the margins are too small to write your thoughts.

So, in addition to highlighting and writing on PDFs, you can now make comments as notes to yourself.

Bonus: Create more space on the page

Ran out of space to write? Revisiting some old notes and have something new to add? Create a comment and type up extra information, without changing the original content.

Collaborate easily with Comments in GoodNotes

Try Commenting today!

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