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Goodnotes’ 2023 Year in Review

December 14, 2023

2023 has been an incredible year.

With several new product launches and new features added to the mix, Goodnotes looks very different from even just a year ago.

Our user community – you – have played a pivotal role in this. We couldn’t be more thankful to have such a global and engaged user community. Your feedback has helped shape Goodnotes into what it is today.

So, as 2023 draws to a close, let’s take a look at the milestones we’ve achieved and celebrate with a year in review! 

Your top most highly requested features 

Most of these were launched in the final few months of the year. Our team kept our ears to the ground and responded quickly to bring you what you asked for! 

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The launch of Goodnotes 6 🎉

After 4 years of GoodNotes 5, in August 2023, we launched Goodnotes 6

We wanted to reimagine the note-taking experience, incorporate the latest technology, and develop features in response to how our users were using Goodnotes. 

Therefore, with Goodnotes 6, we introduced a reimagined way to take notes with:

  • AI-powered writing aids to help you write with confidence, like handwritten Spellcheck and Word Complete. We’re all used to being protected by spellcheck everywhere – when we’re texting or writing essays or emails. Why wouldn’t we extend that to handwriting? 
  • New learning tools to help you ace your exams, like Interactive Exam Practice materials with an AI Math Assistance to catch your mistakes. From user research, we know that most of our user base are students. That’s why we’re diving deeper
  • Intuitive pen gestures to write without breaking your flow, like Scribble to Erase and Circle to Lasso. We also made sure to introduce smaller improvements, such as these shortcuts to help you perform actions in less steps. 

Going cross-platform: Goodnotes on Android, Windows, & Web

Our user community has requested Goodnotes on Android and Windows for years! And this year, we were finally able to move it out of Beta.

It was a proud moment for us when at Samsung’s Galaxy Unlocked event, they unveiled the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 tablet featuring Goodnotes, which is a pre-loaded app!  

We had the pleasure of partnering with them – and now, anyone who purchases any Galaxy S9 or S9 FE Tablet will get Goodnotes for free for 1-year. 

Launched new in-app Marketplace with 500+ items

Millions of our users are using Goodnotes for bullet journalling or digital planning. In GoodNotes 5, they’d scour the internet to find new templates and stickers to then import into Goodnotes. That’s why when developing Goodnotes 6, we knew it was important to make it easier for users to find new stationery. 

In 2023, here were the most popular items: 

Top digital planner: The Ultimate Student Planner

This planner is an all-in-one digital planner designed for students, and comes with specialized study templates like exam trackers and assignment trackers. It's undated, which makes it relevant for you no matter which year it is!

Get it for yourself! 

Top digital sticker pack: The Ultimate Sticker Pack

This sticker pack comes with over 1800+ stickers! It includes labels, sticky notes emojis, washi tape stickers and everything you could dream of.

Get it for yourself!

Collaborating with local artists to create digital stationery 

Since the launch of the Goodnotes Marketplace with Goodnotes 6, we’ve had the opportunity to spotlight work from creators and independent artists from different parts of the world. Here are a few of the collaborations we’ve already launched.

Don Mak from Hong Kong

This November we had the pleasure of collaborating with Hong Kong illustrator Don Mak to create a series of fun and quirky digital stickers about life in Hong Kong.

See his Hong Kong-inspired sticker packs in-app.

Diwali celebratory collabs

To celebrate the festival of lights, we collaborated with Indian artists Muhamed Sajid, Rohan Dahotre, and Mechi Co. Design, to create vibrant notebook covers and sticker packs to give away on the Marketplace.

See their creations here!

Looking forward to 2024

As we wrap up this year in review, we want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our users for your continuous support and feedback.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re excited to build on top of the foundation we’ve established, delivering even more innovative features, collaborations, and enhancements to make your note-taking experience truly exceptional. 

Thank you for being a part of the Goodnotes community, and we can't wait to embark on another remarkable journey together in the coming year!

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