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Thought Records are a mainstay in CBT (Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy). They can help you manage your thoughts and emotions better, when it feels like there’s too much.

Download a free template here and start taking hold of your mental health.

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How to Use a Thought Record


Print or import your template into a note-taking app like Goodnotes


Under What Happened, record the event or circumstance that triggered you


Under My Thoughts, record what any thoughts or conclusions you have.


Under My Feelings, list the emotions you feel.


Under Behaviors, identify any behaviors you exhibited that were a reaction to these thoughts and feelings.


Lastly, Alternate Thoughts gives you a chance to reanalyze your initial reactions and find more grounded alternatives.

A note on thought record.

Benefits of Thought Records

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What is Goodnotes?

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What are CBT thought records?

CBT thought records are a journalling framework used in Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy (i.e. CBT) that allow you to logically analyze your reactions to various situations. They help you recognize and change unhealthy thought patterns.

How do you use thought records?

Simply record your thoughts and emotions in the columns outlined. Thought records work best over a period of time, rather than as one-off records. When you have several records, you can begin to see the pattern in your thoughts.

Do I need to download a thought record template to use in Goodnotes?

Yes, you can import custom templates to use again and again in Goodnotes. Download the thought record and import them to your library to start using.

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