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Need a graph paper notebook?

Whether you’re studying math, or just trying to write neatly on a grid template, that’s where graph paper comes in. Right click to download the image as a printable, or download Goodnotes and create an entire graph paper notebook for free now.

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Square Graph Paper
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How to create a free graph paper notebook

(no printing or importing required)


Download Goodnotes for free on iPad, Mac, or iPhone.


Start a notebook using the lined paper templates.


Start handwriting or typing your notes!

One digital notebook can contain several different types of paper, including graph paper, lined paper, dotted paper, blank paper and more.
A note on graph paper.

Why use a digital graph paper notebook?

Millions of people worldwide use Goodnotes’ digital paper to take notes and replace physical notebooks.

Free graph paper notebook

Goodnotes Tips

How to write neatly on the iPad

Start writing on graph paper. The grid will help you write in a straight line and keep everything looking tidy. Then, when you’re finished, switch the paper template to a blank page. Now it looks like you’ve mastered writing in straight lines on a blank page.

Start a free graph paper notebook in Goodnotes today

Choose from over 40 different types of graph paper in Goodnotes now. Layouts include portrait and landscape, and are available in 3 colors.

Goodnotes Standard
A7 (iPhone)

What is Goodnotes?

Goodnotes is a digital paper platform that replaces physical notebooks, with over 100 digital paper templates included. Join millions of students taking searchable handwritten and typed notes on Goodnotes.

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What types of notes is graph paper used for?

Because of the gridlines, you can create graphs, charts, and diagrams much easier using graph paper.

In what sizes are Goodnotes’ graph paper templates available?

Goodnotes’ default graph paper templates templates are available in the following sizes in portrait: 

  • A4 (Portrait and Landscape)
  • A5 (Portrait and Landscape)
  • A6 (Portrait)
  • A7 (Portrait)
  • Letter (Portrait and Landscape)
  • Tabloid (Portrait and Landscape)
  • A3 (Portrait and Landscape)
  • Goodnotes Standard

Do I need to download the graph paper template to use it in Goodnotes?

Nope, graph paper (also called square paper) is one of the default template options in Goodnotes.

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