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How to use the Cornell Notes template

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Start a notebook using the Cornell Notes template.


The right column is the main section for your notes. We recommend using point form, and keeping your sentences concise.


Then, in the left column, write down your cues: the keywords, questions, or key ideas that relate to that section of your notes. This helps you organize your notes logically, and makes them easier to skim later.


Lastly, at the bottom of the page, write a brief summary of the topic above.
A note on cornell paper.
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Why Cornell note-taking works

Actively summarizing

You’re actively pulling out key points and summarizing the main ideas as you write, helping you understand the information better.

Revision-ready notes

Your notes are already logically organized and easy to skim when it comes time to revise.

In the zone

Encourages mindfulness and focus when taking notes and pulling out key points – instead of writing every little thing down.
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Use Cornell notes in GoodNotes

What is GoodNotes?

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How do you create a Cornell notes template?

Creating your own Cornell notes template is simple:

  1. Section off the top of the page for the title
  2. Section off a portion the bottom for the summary
  3. In the remaining middle of the page, section off the first quarter from the left

Now you have a Cornell notes template, ready for your notes.

Do I need to download the Cornell notes template to use in GoodNotes?

Nope! The Cornell notes template is a default GoodNotes already comes with Cornell notes in 3 colors and various sizes including Letter, A4, and A3.

When should I use a thought record?

Any time you feel a change in emotion, take out your thought record.