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Celebrating Women in Tech: Meet Chelsea, Senior Product Designer at Goodnotes

March 27, 2024

As the final installment of our Celebrating Women in Tech blog series, we invite you to get to know Chelsea. Chelsea is a senior product designer on our education team, where she has worked on a number of exciting features, like AI Math Assistance, Exam Prep and Study Sets. Continue reading to learn more about her experience:

Hello, Chelsea! We're so excited to learn more about your time at Goodnotes! Please share with us the path that brought you to GoodNotes and your experiences along the way.

Hi! I think my journey to Product Design will be very familiar to a lot of designers who have been around for awhile. I started off as a visual designer working mostly on digital experiences and moved towards UX design organically as the industry evolved. I was working as a freelance Product Designer when I was contacted by a recruiter from Goodnotes. As an avid note-taker and learner, I was immediately drawn to the company. It’s such an interesting space to be in since it really covers so many different use-cases that I’m personally passionate about like journaling, studying and creativity.

What influenced your decision to join Goodnotes when you were hunting for a new job?

The people: Every single person I had interacted with during my recruitment process was someone I would be excited to work with. From the recruiter, to the designers and cross-functional peers. Everyone was so immediately welcoming and kind even though I wasn’t officially on the team yet. Back then, there was a final step in the interview where I had to present something I was passionate about, and anyone from the company could join this meeting. I recognized immediately that goodnotes was different - the way colleagues were so comfortable with each other, how genuine everyone seemed, their curiosity for my work and the kinds of questions they asked made me feel excited. I knew this would be a wonderful place to work, and it’s been amazing to work with people who are so passionate and supportive.

Is there anything you specifically designed in Goodnotes? It must be so exciting to see your work in real life that way!

Yes! I’ve been incredibly lucky that I’ve been able to work on different teams and projects. I started off working in Community and then moved to another team where I led the user experience of Study Sets and got to work with the super talented Joosep Laht on the UI. More recently, I also led the design on the Interactive Exam Prep feature, including AI Math Assistance. I get so excited when I see people using these features in real life. I’m grateful for all the feedback that comes in from our learners!

Has Goodnotes been supportive in terms of your personal and professional growth and development?

This is the first company I have worked at with such a generous learning and development budget. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn from your team and other designers through feedback and mentorship, there is a dedicated budget just for you to learn and grow. I’ve used it to take multiple courses to help me grow as a multi-faceted designer.

What guidance would you offer to other women who aspire to achieve their career objectives in the tech industry?

Find a mentor you can learn from, and find peers that you can grow with. I work with amazing women at Goodnotes, but I also work on building relationships with everyone on my team and beyond. Having allies and a support network is crucial to your success. On the flip side of that, make sure you’re supporting others as well and loudly celebrating other’s success. Bring people together, lead alignment through facilitating conversations and always think big picture.

What would you suggest women in tech ask during job interviews regarding diversity and inclusion?

I think beyond the basics of just the numbers and what support structures are in place, it’s always good to be able to speak to other women working in the company. My recruiter at the time had put me in contact with Rammy, one of the women working in Product. Speaking to her made it clear to me that I would be comfortable here, and there were structures in place to help support my growth and my development goals.

The theme of International Women’s day 2024 is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. How do you think Goodnotes inspires inclusion in the workplace?

I’ve been with Goodnotes for a few years now and I’ve watched it grow, not just in numbers, but in it’s processes and structure. We are constantly iterating to improve, not just the product, but how we work together. I’ve watched us improve processes or create new ones to be as inclusive as possible. It’s really clear that people care.

Which perk at Goodnotes do you enjoy the most?

The flexibility: I usually work during set hours, but it’s so nice to change your schedule so that you can take care of yourself. I remember when I first started here, it became really clear that trust is implicit from the start, and that kind of trust humbles you. In the winter, I like to try to get outside for a longer lunch break so I can catch some sun. And I can make up those hours in the evening. If I worked onsite, I’d definitely say the amazing food!

What do you think someone who is considering applying to a job at Goodnotes needs to know?

It’s a place full of passionate people with big ideas. We are all just back from our global offsite where we got to spend a few days together, and being face to face reminded me how this is such an exceptional group of people full of talent, kindness and drive. We are all makers at heart, and it really shows in how we work together, and in our product.

Can you see yourself working with Chelsea?

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