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New! Your first 3 notebooks in GoodNotes are now free

April 5, 2018

You heard right — we’re thrilled to put GoodNotes in the hands of even more people.

Starting today GoodNotes will be free to download on the App Store. New users can already create up to 3 notebooks in GoodNotes, before paying a cent.

If you enjoy the experience of digital paper, you can unlock unlimited notebooks GoodNotes as an in-app purchase, and start building a true library of digital notes. The price is the same as before: $7.99 USD, one-time purchase.

As for our existing users, you will of course continue to have the full access that you bought the first time. Your experience won’t change, except for the fact that you can recommend GoodNotes to more people 😉

When you unlock the full version of GoodNotes, you get:

  • Unlimited notebooks
  • Handwriting recognition, so you can search your handwriting or convert handwriting to text
  • The ability to import documents via email

GoodNotes is completely free for schools and educational institutions

We’re making it easier for schools and universities to adopt technology and make learning — whether in-person or online or both — a better experience.

Any educational institution using Apple School Manager will have full access to GoodNotes for free, with handwriting recognition powered by MyScript.

For more information on how to get started, please see here.

It’s your turn to experience why millions of people around the world love GoodNotes’ digital paper.

Download GoodNotes today — for free.

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