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Introducing the GoodNotes Community: A Notes-Sharing Platform to Get Inspired and Study Better

September 16, 2021

Update: May 9, 2023.

In 2023, our team will be hyper-focussed on the features and products that will deliver the most value to our users. That means that as of June 20th, we’re saying goodbye to Community. Thanks to those who have been a part of the journey!

Just because you’re studying remotely doesn’t mean you have to study alone.

Get inspired and study better with the new notes-sharing platform for students: introducing the GoodNotes Community.

The GoodNotes Community: Learn from the best study notes shared by other students

What can you do on the GoodNotes Community?

When you’re studying but need some inspiration to get started, not sure if you’ve covered everything on a topic, or when you need to double-check that your notes are right — that’s when you can tap into the GoodNotes Community.

  1. Browse relevant study material other students have shared, to fill the gaps in your knowledge.
  2. Like, comment, and save notes you want to return to, to keep track of the most helpful content.
  3. Share your own digital notes, to help thousands of other students study with your insights.
  4. Follow contributors in the same field, or whose notes you admire, so you can always keep up to date on the latest study material and note-taking methods.
  5. Download notes to your own device to annotate and highlight them, just as you would with lecture notes (if the owner has made them available for download!).

Explore a library of ready-to-study notes you’ll want to read

They’re not just useful and relevant — the notes on the GoodNotes Community are uniquely handwritten, eye-catching, and engaging.

But don’t take our word for it.

The GoodNotes Community has been on a private beta for a couple of months. Here’s what our early users have to say about the experience:

Discover different angles, insights, and approaches others use when studying the same subjects.

I’ve found that the GoodNotes Community not only helps in my field of study but allows me to explore other areas that I’m interested in. It’s such a great way for students to help each other as it provides different variations and perspectives on certain topics.

Naja Aswan (@notedxlove)

Get inspiration and motivation to take better digital notes.

Personally I find it really interesting to see how other people use GoodNotes, I’ve taken inspiration from some users and added them into my own notes. People have also messaged me saying that it’s nice to see my notes up close so they can use the same layouts as on my studygram. Another point is the almost “social media” aspect of it – it’s always fun to get upvotes and get new followers!

Rebecca (@thestarlessaint/@medu.cate)

Join forces with thousands of other students all around the world and study collaboratively.

Like the name already indicates, the community focus is really strong. You don’t only get notes from others, but you also start feeling an urge to contribute to this amazing collection, which leads to higher motivation for your own studying and note-taking.

Antonia Isabel Shulz (@antonias_dailystudyblog /@antonias.dailystudyblog)

And as a special bonus…

Every month, you’ll have the chance to win in our monthly giveaways. All you need to do to enter is contribute at least one document to the community. The more you share, the more entries you get.

Ready to start learning together with the GoodNotes Community?

The waitlist to join the GoodNotes Community is officially open, so sign up to grab a spot!

We’ll slowly be inviting new people from the waitlist every day.

If you don’t have GoodNotes you can still sign up.

Currently the GoodNotes Community lives as a new tab within the app and is available to GoodNotes users, but a web version is in the works.

Sign up, and when the web version of GoodNotes Community is ready you’ll get an email with your custom invitation.

Click here to join the GoodNotes Community waiting list today.

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