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New! Everything you can do with the Apple Pencil Pro in Goodnotes

May 15, 2024

Are you eagerly anticipating Apple Pencil Pro? Wondering how you can maximize its potential in Goodnotes? 

Well, we have exciting news for you! 

We've just released two exclusive features designed specifically for the new Apple Pencil Pro (plus some bonus features for all Goodnotes 6 users!), available with iPadOS 17.5!

Get ready to take your kick your note-taking up a notch with the Apple Pencil Pro in Goodnotes.

A floating toolbar that appears wherever your pen is

Toolbar feel a bit too far up the page? 

With just a squeeze, you can summon the Palette menu which will immediately appear wherever your pen tip is.

Switch seamlessly between different tools, like pen and highlighter, or adjust stroke color and thickness without lifting your palm off the screen. 

The fountain pen has never felt so natural

Say hello to the new Dynamic Ink for the fountain pen! Now, the ink responds to the rotation of the Apple Pencil Pro, emulating the behavior of a real fountain pen. 

Roll the barrel of Apple Pencil Pro to exactly exercise precise control over stroke thickness and shape. What’s also new is that you’ll now see a stroke preview when hovering. 

Additional new features for Goodnotes 6

If you don’t have Apple Pencil Pro, don’t worry. You can still take advantage of the new stroke preview feature, which will show you the stroke and placement of your pen, highlighter, or shape tool when your Apple Pencil is hovering, with any devices that support hover detection. 

And all Goodnotes 6 users can bring more personalization to the fountain pen with the new tip flatness adjustment option.

Excited to get started? 

That’s not all! We’ve got even more exciting (and highly requested!) features rolling out soon. Stay tuned!

Download Goodnotes here today.

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