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GoodNotes goes cross-platform! Beta now available on Windows, Android, and Web


Android and Windows users rejoice! You can now use GoodNotes too. 

We're thrilled to share that the beta apps for Windows and Android are available in the Microsoft Store and Play Store respectively. 

Here’s what you can do on the Windows and Android betas

The Windows and Android betas capture the basic feature set of GoodNotes 5 on the iOS (with more to come!). Here’s what you can already do: 

Handwrite beautiful, multimedia digital notes 

Handwrite, highlight, and even edit your notes with the Lasso Tool. Easily add images for more context.

Create notes using any of the default templates, including lined paper, Cornell notes, and to-dos. You can even combine multiple templates in the same notebook. 

Import and annotate PDFs

Want to markup a PDF? Import digital planners, lecture slides, or PDFs straight into GoodNotes.

Draw perfect shapes with shape recognition 

Draw a wobbly circle and watch it snap into a perfect circle. Great for mind maps, diagrams, and flow charts.

Share and collaborate with other beta users 

Want to collaborate on a notebook? You can share your notes with other people using GoodNotes on the Windows or Android beta. Easily leave comments and work on the same notes.  

Notebooks synced between Windows, Android, and Web

Your library on Windows and Android beta are saved to your GoodNotes Account (what you use to sign in!), meaning all your data is in one place. That means you can access the same notebooks on Windows, Android, or Web.

Access notebooks from GoodNotes 5 on Windows, Android or Web

While there isn’t a direct sync (yet), you can share your notebooks from GoodNotes 5 and work on them like a shared document on the Android or Windows beta! 

First generate a share link from GoodNotes 5, then open the link from your Android or Windows device that has the beta installed.

Keep in mind that currently you won’t be able to sync your entire library between GoodNotes 5 on iOS and Mac to Windows or Android, but you can already work on the same documents. 

The beta apps are an online-first experience

Both the GoodNotes for Windows and GoodNotes for Android beta are online-first – meaning yes you can use them from your browser as well. 

While you’ll need an internet connection for the best experience, you can continue to view your notes offline too. If you make any changes, make sure you’re online so they’re saved! 

Shape the future of GoodNotes for Windows and Android

The Windows beta is available for anyone, and optimized for Microsoft Surface. Download here. 

Currently, the Android beta is available for anyone using an 8-inch screen or larger Samsung tablet with more than 3GB of RAM (more details here). Download here.

We'll be relying on feedback from users to help us make improvements and prioritize new features, so let us know what you think! Happy note-taking. 

Got more questions? Visit our Help Center here.

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